Benji Madden has a new album out with his brother Joel.  It's called Greetings From California.  He gave Kim, Sarge and Steve a few tips on what to see and do over there on their upcoming trip.

Former Australian Idol judge Dicko is a panelist on the ABC show Reality Check.  He told Kim, Sarge and Steve that he thinks the current talent show judges are too soft..

Luke Jacobs from X Factor spoke to Kim, Sarge and Steve about the show and had some recommendations for what to do when they go to California.

Chris Bath is an ambassador for the Stroke Foundation.  She spoke to Kim, Sarge and Steve about her involvement in it and a story on the 5:2 diet on Sunday night this weekend.

The new series of The Bachelor starts on channel 10 Wed at 7.30.  The new guy Blake spoke to Kim, Sarge and Steve about the show..

Now we're getting close to the end of the series, Kim, Sarge and Steve put in another call to Blake to see how he's coping.

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